Collaboration with Anam Cara Network including partnership with Franz-Ludwig highschool




It was a great day for me, when I met 2 people, I now call my friends from Germany, in March 2009. I explained them my vision and they wanted to support me to make my dream come true. Friederike Klein and Thomas Kovacic were running a non-profit organisation in Germany called Anam Cara Network. So we started a wonderful collaboration. In the following years, we got to know each other deeply.



Anam Cara Network



Every year, they visited me and the children from Rose Education Centre and we had deep talks about the needs and the development of the school.

In November 2011 the Anam Cara Network Association started to support the school with electricity power and clean water by a 60 meter deep well. Also, they went on to support the school with furniture, school text books for pupils and for teachers and they supported some construction works which were still incomplete at that time.

In March 2015 the Anam Cara Network Association sponsored a new school bus for carrying the day scholars students.




In 2011 they invited me to Germany, where I went with one of our kindergarten teachers.

I visited several educational institutions; German kindergarten and schools. One of the most amazing incidents was, to visit a very big highschool in Bamberg/ Germany. This school educates more than 1000 students.
Susanne Heim, one of their teachers, is also a member of Anam Cara Network. She started to develop a partnership between Rose Education Centre and Franz-Ludwig Gymnasium (highschool) in Bamberg, which was finally established in 2015.



Franz-Ludwig Highschool, Germany



In September 2015, two teachers and 17 students visited Rose Education Centre as a result of the school partnership.
The partnership with Anam Cara Network and the Franz-Ludwig-Gymnasium brings a lot of benefits to our school and will help, that Rose Education Centre develops fast towards a modern English Medium School.

Meeting of parents and teachers



Nowadays parents of the children meet together in parent day and discuss about the important things of the school. Teachers get teacher trainings by Susanne Heim and her team, so that new educational knowledge helps to improve the abilities of teachers and their students.

We hope, that in future, there will be an opportunity, that some of our children and teachers visit our friends in Germany.