History of the school



In 2003, I rented a small house and open a kindergarten and school. I started with 8 children and at the end of 2003 I succeeded to get 25 children, qualified to join class one in 2004.

I rented a bigger house in Majengo-Moshi with six rooms, a small playground. a fence for security, water and electricity. l placed various seesaws in that area and bought equipment required in a kindergarten school.


l had to ensure that students were getting porridge in the morning so l was forced to buy kitchen utensils like spoons, cups, cooking ovens, cooking pots and other kitchen items. l employed two teachers and one cook. Each year l got pupils who needed help and those living a vulnerable life in a harmful environment.

For starting a private school, the government of Tanzania requests the registration. So l tried to look for the required procedures which were needed to register a school. Because the government does not allow to have a school in a rented house, I bought a plot for building a permanent building in Mtakuja village at Mabogini ward in Moshi’s rural area. This happened in the year 2006.


Building the school



Two years later, in the year 2008, l got the permission to build the school.

My aim was, to have a perfect and a unique English Medium School.

2009, before I started to move my centre from Majengo-Moshi to the rural Area of Mtakuja, the school had 73 pupils with 17 orphans. Kindergarten pupils were 25 and Primary 48.

The school today



Today, Rose Education Centre is a well developed English Medium – Day and Boarding School from nursery up to standard 7.
The school facilities include more than 12 class rooms, teachers offices, a dining hall and an administration block.
Two big dormitories are available for our boarding students.

We perform on a high security level. A big wall, a protected entrance gate and permanently employed security guards guarantee that you and your children can feel absolutely safe.