School fees


We offer you a very reasonable price.

Trimester per year
Boarding Students TSH 300,000 TSH 900,000
Day Scholars TSH 200,000 TSH 600,000

*The transportation fee is not included in the school fees. The transportation fee will be charged accordingly to the distance where the child lives from the school.



School uniforms




The costs for the school uniforms are TSH 100,000.

This includes:

  • 2 pairs of class clothes
  • 2 pairs of boarding clothes and one pair of sweater

Admission forms

Admission forms are available in Moshi Town, on the Mudis` motor cycle spare parts shop nearby the New White Star bar.
You can also get the admission forms at the Rose Education School in Mtakuja village.

Fee for one form is TSH 10,000 .

Phone numbers of Mudi: +255655-397941 / +255768-193259


Before the admission, your child is asked to do an interview. We want to make sure, that your child is able to perform on our high level standards. This means, to score 70 percent above the average.